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Our History

McDavitt Wealth Management and Santucci Wealth Management were founded when Tom McDavitt and Steve Santucci, having 60+ years of combined financial services industry experience and after years of knowing each other, decided to join forces. Starting out in the business, each had worked for other companies and grew tired of working for parent companies that dictated the types of investments they should sell to their clients.

Our Primary Purpose

Tom and Steve knew that this wasn't fair to their clients, many of whom had different financial goals. And, given the complexity of the financial services industry today, many other clients were confused by the number and type of options available to them. Over time they added junior partners Aaron Murphy in 2006 and Bryan McDavitt in 2014 to help them round out their advisory team.

In 2022 Tom, Steve, Aaron & Bryan having more than 80 years of industry experience formed MSM Wealth Management Group to unite all 4 of their practices under a common banner. While each partner still has their own DBA under which they operate, MSM Wealth Management Group helps unite them and their staff under one name as they continue to work in a team based environment to ensure all of their clients servicing needs are maintained at the highest level.

So, together, they decided to set out on their own and create the type of firm they thought was needed in this day and age of rushed and sometimes impersonal service.

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